It's time to gather together again! Join us June 7, 2020, as we worship together under one roof. 

We have developed a strategy for your safe return.  

 The COVID19 pandemic is a fluid situation, as such we will continue to consistently  monitor the statistics and recommendations.   Our plan is to reopen for services on June 7 at 10 a.m.  Once back in the building we will not resume all activities and ministries “as usual” but transition back over time.  As a church we will observe the following guidelines:

  • CDC guidelines of six-foot social distancing will be observed.
  • Sunday service will continue at 10 AM the service will live steam on the church FB page for those who might not  be comfortable gathering just yet.
  • Pre-service prayer will be held by Zoom on Saturday mornings.
  • Every Sunday will be "Family Worship Sunday" with all children in the sanctuary – no children’s ministry.
  • Wednesday night ReFuel will continue to  be held online on Facebook Live at 7 PM in the month of June.



  • Children have a hard time with physical distancing; therefore, children of all ages will stay in the sanctuary for family worship. Seating will be reserved towards the back of the sanctuary for families with children 5 and under. With the parents of young children in mind, an effort will be made to keep services to approximately 75 minutes.  Each child 3 years  and up will get an activity bag. These bags will be left at church after every service for the child to use for upcoming services.Children are to deposit their bag into a designated container before leaving the church. Each bag will have child’s name.  Parents of children birth – three years may use the two nurseries (LittleTots & LIttleChurch) at their discretion. We ask that all parents place used  toys and  bedding in the bin labeled "Items to Disinfect" before leaving the room or allowing another child to touch them. Parents are encouraged to wear a mask while using the nursery.
  • We will not distribute bulletins.
  • No on-site church fellowships or activities at this time.
  • Breakfast will not be offered at this time.
  • Ministry of helps teams will be required to wear masks while serving.  The church will provide a mask if the individual doesn’t own one. Surgical gloves will be available to all Helps members who wish to use them. Gloves will be worn by ushers any time items are distributed.  Temperatures will be taken of everyone who services as they enter the building, using a no contact thermometer.
  • Church pews to be used will be marked in accordance with social distancing (every other pew.) With some pews reserved for families of small children and at risk individuals.
  • Aisles will be marked with arrows for one way flow of traffic, please observe.
  • We will have hand sanitizer readily available in all common areas.
  • Meet & Greet – We will continue to have an appointed greeting time. People will be asked to stay in place  and  give a wave, a  shout out, thumbs up or “air hug' to those nearby.
  • We won't be using the faucet & cups  in the common area, therefore, bottles of water will be available.
  • We will continue to offer prayer and ministry but no lines at the alter area.  
  • Offering bags will not be passed. We will have offering boxes on the platform for people to give their offering.   
  • Communion will not be passed.  It will be served in pre-filled communion cups with wafer included and distributed to you by an usher when you arrive. Afterwards, ushers will NOT collect cups.  You are asked to personally dispose of your cups in the trash cans located around the sanctuary.
  • Bathrooms –out of necessity, the narrow hallway to the bathroom must remain two-way. Please be courteous and step aside to let people pass by who are going the opposite direction.  U-Turn bathroom will be for men, all other bathrooms will be used for ladies and young children.  A spray bottle of a non-toxic disinfectant and cloth will be available on each sink if individuals wish  to wipe down sink handles, toilet handles and door knobs before or after each use.
  • All areas used during service will be disinfected before the next service with a CDC approved, non toxic disinfectant/sanitizer, this includes toys or nursery bedding.
  • A strategy for children's ministry has been created and will be shared when children's ministry is added back to services.


  • If you are a “at high risk” individual consider watching online rather than attend service.
  • Take your temperature before you leave your house.  Stay home if you are running a fever, feel sick or been in contact with someone who may have COVID19 within the last 14 days.  Thermometers are located at the church if needed but we are not requiring a temperature check on site at this time.
  • Use hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water.  
  • Respect others' concerns and observe six-foot social distancing.
  • Wear a face mask – not required but highly recommended - if for no other reason than others feel more protected.


Please be patient and kind toward one another and allow lots of grace during this time.  There are a lot of view points.  Some people are very cautious or even fearful and others have little or no concerns of contracting the virus.  As  CDC restrictions continue to be eased, the Leadership Team will review and revise our schedule and precautions accordingly.  We love you and want to see you again soon!