What you will need for the initial set up: 

• An email address

• Credit card or debit card

• Smart phone with connection to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Step 1: Go to your CONTACTS in your phone. Create new contact for JBC Text Giving, enter phone as  641-326-3393. 

Step 2: Save contact.

Step 3: Choose to send a message/text to this contact.

Step 4: In the box where you type your text, enter the dollar amount you want to give. Do not add the $ sign. It is not necessary to enter a

              decimal. For example, if you are giving one  hundred dollars just enter 100. Nothing more needs entered.

Step 5: Send text.

Step 6: Set up account. You will get a reply with a link, walking you through the process of setting up  your text giving account. Just click on it                    and it will open a page for you to enter your  information. You will not be asked to enter this information in the future. This is a one time

              set up. This is where you will need to enter your email address and card information  as prompted. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A

              COMPLETELY SECURE SITE. YOUR INFORMATION IS  PROTECTED. Once set up, if your giving was successful you will receive a reply

              stating it is complete. After you set up your account. You will simply send a text to the contact with the  dollar amount of your giving.

You can designate to three separate accounts through text giving. To give a tithe or general offering you only enter your dollar amount as stated in step 4. For tithe or general offering nothing else needs entered. The system is set up that giving that is NOT designated automatically defaults to tithe/offering. If you want to give to any of the other accounts we have, simply enter the name of the account following the amount you enter

Examples and accounts are as follows:

• Missions: (Enter dollar amount “50” and the word, “Missions”. Example 50 missions.)

• Breakfast: (For Breakfast in A Bag offering, enter dollar amount, “50” and the word,  “Breakfast.”   Example: 50 breakfast.)

• Youth: (For Youth Partnership Sunday, enter dollar amount, “50” and the word, “Youth.”  Example: 50 youth.)

If an error was made when you entered any giving, you will be given the opportunity to correct it, get a refund or even edit your account when you receive the confirmation of your transaction