“Is it church day yet?” Parents tell us this is a commonly asked question when waking their children up in the mornings. No doubt about it kids love SuperChurch and can’t wait to come to church. And as parents aren’t we relieved when we don’t have to “drag” our kids to church, but they are actually excited about going?.  

At JBC kids are important to us and we strive to provide a positive and excellent environment for kids. SuperChurch involves children 6 years - 5th grades in a high energy, fast paced environment. Each class time offers a variety of teaching methods to meet the different learning needs of children: illustrated teachings, video segments, interactive games, music, and skits.  

While each week’s lesson is significant on its own, it is a part of specific lesson plan covering a span of several weeks…which translates to kids having a deeper understanding of the Bible and their relationship with God. Topics include: Walking by Faith, Godly Character, The Holy Spirit and many other topics. We keep it relevant while staying true to the teachings of the Bible.